Alexandra McKay

200hr Restorative and Aerial Yoga

200RYT Restorative & Aerial Yoga

I had of course attended yoga before, mostly for the stylish gear and dreams of abs and weight-loss. (Who knew it is SO MUCH MORE THEN THAT) I started going to a few classes here and there, feeling refreshed upon leaving almost every time. Weeks went by and I had sort of stopped loosing myself in my problems once more, self loathing in the “I’ve tried everything phase”. Yoga was a way to spark that fire, burn up the negativity and just be okay with myself.

Taking a 200hr yoga training was in my dreams but something I thought I would never have the opportunity to do, until I had shared with my husband, mom and mother in law. We made it happen.

Aerial silks and yoga have added extra fun and challenge into my life boosting my self confidence and body happy vibes.

Wherever you are in your in your journey to yourself, this is in fact your journey. Each day is an opportunity, not a handout.

Find your happy YOUR bliss and your YOU!