Q:Do I need to be an Experienced Yogi to some to your Studio?

A: Definitely Not! In Fact all of our Classes are suitable for all Levels-Unless they are specified “Advanced-or Have Pre-requisites”

Q:For Mom&Baby and Mom&Tot Classes if my Child is Crying and needs to be Nursed, Fed, Drink Given, Diaper Changed etc is that OK?

A: OF COURSE! Due to the unpredictability of Babies and Children, Michelle allows much acceptance for you to participate in any way you can. Knowing that One day you might have a Happy baby and you can do every sequence flawlessly and that other days you might have a fussy Little one, Or you might be Tired from last nights escapade. At Azalea we believe that the social community aspect of Yoga is just as Important as the physical postures. We’ve Got you Girl!

Q: I am worried I am not FIT enough to try Aerial Yoga….

A: No need for 6 pack abs or otherwise! Aerial is both fun, challenging and suitable for everyone. All Classes are beginner unless specified that they are not.* We do have a 250 lb weight limit per Rig for Safety of Equipment and our Structures. We have not found any equipment for higher weight limit at this time.

Q: What is EVERYTHING I need to know about AERIAL YOGA?!

A: A few things to keep in mind will help you get the most out of your Class.
1) Come in with a Positive attitude and reasonable expectations.
2) Don’t eat a Heavy Meal within 2 Hours of your practice. Upside down belly that is heavy with Food is a Recipe for discomfort!
3)Don’t worry about being flexible enough or strong enough. Modifications are always available to get your to where you want to be SAFELY.
4)Wear Comfortable form fitting clothing that you feel comfortable in.
5)Reduced Make-up Zone- Pretty Please. Your Beautiful just as you are, and the less Makeup we have to wash off our equipment the Better it Lasts for both the Studio and the quality stays in tact for Students.
6)You MAY want to take off any jewelry that effects your Grip or Earrings your worried about Catching on the Fabric.
7)Save your Selfies and Amazing pictures for After Savasana but before you go home. Always Tag us! We love to see your Love of Aerial!

Q:What are Thai Herbal Stems? and What do you do in a Restorative class?

A: Thai Herbal stems are little Imported Bundles of Invigorating luxurious Herbs such as Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, Tiger Balm, Camphor, Ginger and more. These are Steamed HOT and gently pressed in areas of tension throughout the Class. They Won’t burn you as your Teacher will check before pressing. The room fills with a beautiful Aroma and this is a Great Class in the Colder months to clear sinus’s and improve your Health. The Restorative Class covers postures that Support you with Blankets, Bolsters and other props to allow your Nervous system to settle and your body to gentle stretch and release. Thai Massage and assists such as the compresses are always Announced and you have the option to Opt out if you want to skip the assist or would just prefer not to be touched. This is your Class and we Respect your wishes whole-heartily. The Class often finishes being Blanketed or Tucked in with our Natural Cotton weighted Blankets for the “Cherry on Top” of Relaxation and Nurture.

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Class Descriptions:

Aerial Yoga: A Mix of Circus Style Tricks and Conditioning with Flexibility and Balance Enhancement using the Hammock. Upper Body and core strength is also built as you position yourself in the Air. Spine Decompression is another reason this class is loved. All levels welcome unless class is specified as Advanced. Visit FAQ for frequently asked questions.

Kids Aerial Yoga: For Children age 7-10 unless specified, we go through Inversions, standing postures. Using Knowledge of Left’s and Rights we direct them into postures while they improve body awareness and balance. Games involving hand eye coordination are also used as well as guided meditation in the hammock to end class.

Soulbody Barre: Barre Incorporates both dynamic and isometric movements that work deep into the muscles, that bar that doesn’t look so heavy become a great Tool to add resistance , fluid movement and Balance your shape…It Will transform your body resulting in power, physical grace and stamina, Barre is a popular fitness class to many celebrities to have lean clean muscle lines without bulking the body, Mobility is also enhanced with is an added bonus- you’ll be feeling the Burn! Suitable for all levels.

Gentle Yoga: Gentle yoga is a bridge between moving in flow and staying stationary. It is a midway, where there is equilibrium and bliss in every pose. You stay in a pose long enough to enjoy that you are not pushing yourself. The body gets rid of toxins naturally. You sweat in a few poses and not at all in others, but the feeling of bliss is constant. Gentle yoga equally strengthens and stretches, increasing flexibility and repairing muscles that are in need of love. There is no hurry to finish a sequence. It’s all about relaxing and allowing yourself and your body to have as much relaxation as you want. Gentle yoga keeps the atmosphere free of competition and comparison. There is no frustration of not doing a pose, no agitation of holding a pose. We all work within that unity to strengthen groups of muscles together. 1:1 Yoga is also available if you would like to learn basics or work towards mobility goals.

Mom+Baby: Post Partum supported Yoga Postures for you, and 1:1 bonding for baby. You’ll also get to socialize with other mom’s in the group. Baby Massage is also incorporated and you can use these tools at home. Nursing, Bottle Feeding, Diaper Changing or baby comforting are all accessible to you throughout class- It’s to be expected!

Buti Yoga: Dance Music, Tribal movements and Empowering Vibes! This Class incorporates plyometrics and yoga movements to give you a Cardio infused workout. The time fly’s by while you move to the Beat, you can also Google Buti Yoga to be directed to the people that made the program!

Buti Deep: A More restorative version of Buti Yoga, this class focus’s on core health, self massage and micro movements through the pelvis. Great for Post pardum mom’s recovery from surgery or those just starting their yoga journey. Music is soulful and time flys by- ending with a soundbath style Savasana.

Restorative: Bliss for your nervous system and a chance to Wind down from a hectic day. Client regulars reduce their body’s Cortisol response and sleep better then ever. All postures are supported with Bolsters, Blankets, and props to make gentle stretches even more accessible. Activated the parasympathetic nervous system and enjoying Deep rest is the purpose of this class. It’s enjoyed by police officers, real estate agents, busy moms or anyone needed to dial in, be still and relax. Thai Herbal compresses are added for aromatherapy benefits from October until April. These bundles are filled with eucalyptus, lemongrass, camphor and ginger and are anti-inflammatory. They are pressed on areas of tension through class with your permission.

AZ Uplift: 20/20/20 Split between Aerial Yoga Conditioning and circuit, Vinyassa Flow, finishing with Yin and Restorative movements. This Hybrid gives you a taste of 3 different styles of class melted into a well balanced Hour.

Hot Core+ Flow: Work every inch of your Core and flush out the lactic acid with Sun Salutation style movements. Spiral structure technique is used to optimize activation. high-intensity work intervals and low-intensity static yoga intervals to maximize muscle toning, look and functionality, Hot core is an ideal add-on workout for those looking to enhance core strength or push the limits of their yoga or fitness practice.

Multi Bloom Yoga: A Gentle and sometimes challenging flow to Open the Heart, Reduce back tension and Increase Healthy Mobility throughout the body. Designed to break up stagnant energy in the middle of the day reawakening a sense of calm ,reducing stress and detoxifying your system. A Great way to spend your lunch hour!