Aerial Yoga

Focuses on Aerial Arts and Yoga. Using the Hammock as a Prop to Build Core Strength and Upper Body Stability. While having a Blast laughing and conquering Tricks you thought looked impossible! Suitable for all levels, with Option to have a private class to go over the basics ensuring your comfortable in a Class setting.

Stretch & Strengthen

A gentle flow yoga class with options to turn up the intensity for full body workout, with lots of heart and hip opening stretches sprinkled in.

Mom & Baby

Our Mom-Tribe is genuinely Wild & Kind! Bring your babies for some socializing, while you focus on rejuvenating core stability and strength after baby and much more. The physical, emotional and mental offering in this class is Empowering and Nurturing and is a MUST for your Maternity leave!

Yoga Sculpt

A combination of barre, Vinyassa , yin and Pilates for full body tone and wellness.


Perfect for Athletes to focus on reducing Injury by taking care of Stiff Muscle groups! The Long holds in Yin specifically target fascia , joints, ligaments as well as proper muscle alignment. No Need to be flexible for this Class! By Incorporating Yin into your workout routine you can increase range of motion and reduce recovery time, helping you get to your goals faster.


A Perfect End to a Busy day! Restorative Yoga is nurturing and relaxing. All of the postures in Class are done from a seated of lying position with Bolster Pillows, Blankets and other props to make you the most comfortable during your experience. Through Winter months we add Thai Herbal Compresses to add Aromatherapy benefits. The air fills with eucalyptus, ginger and camphor clearing your sinus’s and has you feeling like you left on an Exotic Vacation. The Hot bundles of herbs are pressed on area’s like the low back, chest and shoulders to help tension release even further. This is an Azalea Yoga Original Experience, You’ll have to Experience it to understand!


This Yogi Trio will have you Truly Uplifted! Their classes incorporate strength, flexibility and so much more. Their Guided Instruction, Enthusiasm and Skill will have Beginners and seasoned Acro Yogi’s alike pulling off incredible postures. The AcroYoga community is super inviting and you can come alone or with friends- you will be sure to have an AMAZING time!

Little Seedlings

Let your Busy Bee’s free in this play based practice. Tot’s get to enjoy socializing with others as well as mom’s getting to know others in the community. We focus on mindfulness, sensory development , breathing and empathy. Educational Stories and Toys are provided as well!